Find carpools

  • First choose, if you search for a ride, or if you search for passenger, of if both are ok for you.
  • When typing in you can enter the names of cities, quarters or districts. In some regions you can also enter stops. just enter the first letters, the system suggest the locations it knows.
  • Lastly you give us the time you wish to go. "regularly/never mind" returns entries of commuters. The specification of a date only returns entries in that date and surroundin tolerance days.
  • Also you can click the locations consecutively on the map (first the point of start and then the destination)
  • You will then get a list of all entries that suit your search. (The entries which are matching most will be on the screen on the first positions)
  • Please enter your own offer or request of a ride, by clicking on New Entry.
I a carpool:
Please choose the startlocation or click it on the map below.
Please choose the location of your destination or click it on the map below.
...type in or choose on map.

You can choose start and destination also using the map:

Just click at a location in the map to select the location. At first the start location will be chosen, thereafter the destination.

To the MiFaZ (carpool centre)